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Literature and poetry and art and stuff and such

Quantum Muse -- E-zine with sci-fi, essays and an fixation on intoxication. Sort of like us, really.

Thieves Jargon -- Weekly journal of fiction and poetry

Zygote in My Coffee-- Monthly collection of whacked-out poetry and verse

Scribal Tales - A fantasy, science fiction, horror and hybrid e-zine featuring short stories, artwork and much more.

Heavy Glow A journal of flash fiction

Chick Flicks E-zine -- Chick lit for the masses.

Spoiled Ink is a monthly lit zine. The Spoiled Ink Network is an online writers' community where writers can showcase and workshop their stories and poetry as well as promote their published work. Visit Spoiled Ink’s submissions for information on the next Spoiled Ink print anthology.

Freedom and revolutionary type thingajigs

Transtopia -- Radically progressive thought about the future of mankind

Build Freedom -- Massive freedom information portal. One of the best.


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