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Defining AntiMuse

Many nights of drinking alone spawned AntiMuse. Intended as a literary journal for those who don’t like literary journals, we present an irreverent, too-smart-for-those-around-us world view.

We question the classics. We mock the literary scene from afar, poking it with sharpened sticks and making fun of its mother. We are Patient Zero, spreading the AntiMuse disease like a syphilis carrier at the swingers’ party. We love extended metaphors involving sex, drugs and music. But not rock, because rock is dead. We try to fit the cliché. We try to break the mold. We’re so confused and conflicted.


Michael Haislip (Editor) – Few words can describe Michael, mainly “obtuse,” “weird” and “disturbingly quiet.” As the Executive Editor, it is his mission to convince writers to work for minimal pay while piecing together a coherent monthly edition. Michael’s previous editing stints include the cult favorite American Assassin magazine and the online edition of the University of North Alabama’s school paper.

Michael can be reached at

Josh Newell (Columnist) -- Columnist Josh Newell leads a life of mystery and intrigue. By day, he is a cog in the music industry. By night, he is asleep.

Karl Koweski (Columnist) -- Karl is a ex-pat of Chicago, and currently resides in Guntersville, AL, home of an awesome fishing lake and not much else. He is also a co-editor for the e-zine Zygote in My Coffee.

Jeremy Hallmark (Contributing Editor) – When not under the influence of hallucinogens, Jeremy performs in Burlesque revival shows under the stage name “Bambi Bordeaux.”

Matthew Dickens (Contributing Editor) – Matthew has since retired from active AntiMuse service, but he does pop up every now and then.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AntiMuse?

We’re a monthly magazine published exclusively on the Internet. Some people say we’re an “e-zine,” but I think that term is dated. I prefer the word “InterMag,” although you can combine “magazine” and “Internet” any way you please. For example: Netazine, which may or may not be a benzodiazepine.

What is the philosophy of AntiMuse?

AntiMuse is like that creepy uncle no one ever invites to Christmas dinner, yet, somewhow, he always shows up. For a more detailed answer, see my first column from February 2004.

What is the proper spelling of AntiMuse?

AntiMuse. One word, capital A, capital M.

Yes, I know Writer’s Market and other books have us listed as ANTI MUSE, but that spelling is a heresy, and these blasphemers will forthrightly be burned at the stake.

Yes, I know the logo spells it completely in lowercase.

How do you guys make money?

Though the magazine itself is a labor of love, we manage to fund our effort through innovative means. And by “innovative”, I mean collecting aluminum cans.

How long have you guys been around?

We had considered the idea of creating a small, insignificant literary magazine since 2003. Finally, we got around to it. The first issue was published in February 2004.

Was that question too mundane?

Yes. Try harder next time.

What political slant does AntiMuse take?

Editorially speaking, we don’t have a slant or agenda. We’ll print anything as long as it is entertaining.

How do I submit my work?

See our Submissions page.

How do you decide what goes in each issue?

The editors sort through the deluge of submissions until we find the word “proboscis.” Any work that uses the word “proboscis” is automatically included.

How many submissions do you receive in one month?

As of this writing, we average around 300 submissions each month, the bulk of which is fiction.


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