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The Adventures of Bill
Episode 15: The Curse of Bill Strikes Again

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Bill, have you seen the news about Jean Baudrillard? Yep, looks like he just died.
No! It can't be! We were just speaking about him four months ago. Perhaps my family's curse has finally caught up with me: anyone whose name I drop while picking up women invariably dies! First, it was Barry Goldwater, then Baudrillard, and then...
First off, Barry Goldwater was already dead, unless your curse somehow acquired time travel. Second, I would be afraid to date any girl aroused by Barry Goldwater. Third, you mentioned John Cougar Mellencamp last night at Da Club, and he's still alive.
Oh no! John Cougar Mellencamp! What have I done?
  Later on in Dreamland...

John Cougar Mellencamp, I've come to warn you about my curse.

It's OK, Bill. You know John Cougar Mellencamp can never die. I'm one of the basic forces of the universe. Now, remember what I told you?

Yeah. "The light of Mellencamp is with us always."

That's right. But, seriously, quit using that Barry Goldwater pickup line. It makes me look bad by association.


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