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The Adventures of Bill
Episode 6: Unicorn Fury

Allright! It's sleepy time! Spider-Man pajamas, here I come.
  Later on in Dreamland...
Look out, John Cougar Mellencamp! The unicorns are attacking!

Holy shit, they are totally the antithesis of rocking. Stand back, Bill. I'll handle this.

We meet again, John Cougar Mellencamp. I will destroy you and your precious rock music with my Rainbow Unicorn powers. Prepare to die, infidel. HYPER RAINBOW LOVE FORCE GO!
The pain! I feel the rock fading from me. I ... feel ... like ... making new age music. I must resist! I summon the power of Hall and Oates! Take this, you foul beast!
Nooooooooo! Private eyes are watching me ... and killing me!
  Later at the victory party...
Man, I bet summoning Hall and Oates would cost like a bajillion mana in D&D.

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