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maude gunn
by Aereal Doyle

the older as we get
there is less sense to be made
wisdom is tolerance
brilliance joust--
pretenses are windmills

i’m not happy & saying that chokes me
i’m from a long line of misdemeanors
& carpenters
a long line of beer cans potato chips
bells & whistles
my only guess is
i’m being prolonged by preservatives

my forearm flexed is twice the size of my head
years of hammer & 12oz cans
i am admittedly of small voice
if i had a mouth of wave
i still couldn’t speak over a game of marbles

your careful innocence
five different smiles
& beauty beyond blatant verse
are not wasted upon me

you are not maude gunn her daughter
or even that muse
but i am sheetrock

& the puff
of the nail gun is sweet against your skin

Aereal says: "Bred and matured in southern California, resettled to Nashville for ten years, my adventurous upbringing brings a perspective to culture both from within and without. Many take culture rather seriously but my sense of humor belies my respect for the human condition."



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