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Laura Winton is a writer and performer living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her poetry, short fiction, and manifestos have been featured in Women and Performance,, Melting Clock Review, Lost and Found Times,, and many others. Her poetry and performance art pieces
have been seen at Manhattan Theatre Source, Bowery Poetry Club, LadyFest Midwest, the University of London, and the Minnesota Fringe Festival among others. She is interested in the liberation of the imagination as a political antidote to the Spectacle, empowering the reader/audience's capacity for creative response.

View the rest of the poems from Laura Winton in the June 2005 edition:

My friend the therapy junkie
by Laura Winton

says I have no boundaries.
Anyone can enter me the corner grocer
poet part-time says the work is so dark "therapy I guess" the zens say I should become an empty vessel if poetry were therapy Sylvia would be alive her babies would not have cried alone through February English tea time I want to be a bottomless cup instead keep open my head my legs my heart and take it all in sort sustenance from the shit compost what does not nourish see what fertilizes what will grow



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