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Blabbering Transfixion
by Samuel H. Kenyon

Where were you when the death bell cracked?
Save yourself with foolproof data integrity
Luddite scream propagates through nested virtual worlds
Invasion of the frozen brains
Heroic battles in bloodstream of soldier
The bane of entropic information density limits
Genotype trading cards mutate market
Free Will comes in a cereal box
Big Brother installed a homunculus in every brain
Slapstick cartoon shows infinite recursion of origination

Shadows of cities past still haunt traveling salesman
Buy dogma cheap As Seen On TV
Vital signs say "Going Out of Business Sale"
Shaved apes still search in vain for ultimate alpha male god
The soul is a 30-second commercial ad
Free agent quantum entanglement brouhaha
False mirrors obscure alternate points of view
Human conditioner label instructs to rinse and repeat
Real-time compression algorithms for downloaded personalities
Neo-dualism provokes standards committees

Receding hairline of the supermarket tabloid fetish
Cosmic sadism reloaded
Iterative deepening search of the revised Kama Sutra
Fertile replicant prison
"Gödel" is our safe-word
Execute optimal multi-agent climax
Androids win Sex Olympics
Kiss the beveled user interface
Taste the crisp quantum encryption
Lingering bit trail of graphical coitus
Protocol-conflicted lovers surveil dynamic landscape
Chrome lava of über-mindfulness flows from emotional foundation

Push emulated humanity suck pop
Stack the corpses with a fork lift
Shoot pirates with red tape
Royal straight flushed
Accidental renaissance unplugged
Electric Kool-Aid beta test
Religio-spiritual spam filtered to trash
Planets spin regardless of thick-headed plagues
Five-second wars compromise entire nanocultures
Red herring memes increasingly short-lived
The flying buttresses of unwieldy expansion
New breed leaves old in dusty tangent of modern curve
Emergent corpus defies epistemology
Full official metaphysical contest rules available on request
Best Build-a-World wins singularity.

The uncanny Samuel H. Kenyon is the result of a spectacular experiment in a secret underground laboratory. Visit his personal website.


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