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Poet J.D. Hallmark is the associate editor of AntiMuse. He resides in Tennessee, and is currently pursuing a degree in education.

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Tom Brokaw is dead
by J.D. Hallmark

Tom Brokaw is dead
I know it
I’m as sure of this
As the filth on my toes

He had a great time
Informing me the sky was falling
With a monstrous bellow
That had a way of creeping
Into my dreams at night.

With a voice like that
I’m convinced he diddled
His fair share of anchor ladies
As the people sat through
Numerous Colgate commercials

Tom didn’t have to watch them
His teeth were fine

But my feet are dirty
Tom Brokaw is dead
And my teeth still are not
As grand as his
And anchor ladies never
Let me round first
Before the cops arrive.

Tom Brokaw’s poor soul
He tried his best
And I fear
I’ll never be scared again.


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