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Poet R. Thomas resides in Tennessee.

View the rest of the poems from R. Thomas in the April 2004 edition:


there r those
by R. Thomas

 there r those among us who r dining
on a 3-course meal ov coffee! dydrex!
weed! only every other morning
than tha Mardi Gras parade when
they turn the hours backward
and behave.
there r those among us who r looking
for a stack ov their own history
in cabins ov a ship that rides
affections that have tossed and
turned tha memory ov a life.
there r those among us who become
tha very people we r coming from...

      And that is not a sin(!)(?)

there r those w/ flattened noses
     foreheads feet and chests.
there r those among us who r wise
enough to be tha silent-type...

and yet they ring tha loudest!

          Come my enemies
          that we may
               even mingle

          lift each other
               under par

          And giggle @ tha

like tha little girls we are
          *In God’s Image*
Herman prod
     spread open! O!
          tulips late in May!
easy Rod tha Derby’s through and
done w/ all tha Barbie proteges
is it complete
before tha shadow
     in tha shade?


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