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Preparing For Yvette
by Greg Scharf

(originally published in Zygote in My Coffee)

I walk past a church
as its bells begin to toll,
but I don't think of death
or John Donne.
Instead I realize
it's Monday at 6pm
and I need to buy scotch,
because Yvette told me
drinking scotch makes her do
unpredictable things.

I know death
will come eventually,
but today is Monday,
it's 6pm,
and Yvette's stopping by
at 7:30.

Greg Scharf used to live inside a garage in Los Angeles. He now he lives above a garage but still drinks the same cheap off-brand vodka. Some of his other stuff can be found in recent issues of Spent Meat, Underground Voices, My Favorite Bullet and Trespass.



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