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Back in the Middle Ages
by Michael Estabrook

Say, Doc?" I grimace
as he yanks the stitches
out of my jagged red hernia scar
(though curiously it doesn't hurt).
"What happened
when someone had a hernia
and needed surgery like this way back
in the Middle Ages?"
He brushes
my incision carefully
with an alcohol wipe.
"They died," he says,
as he strides out of the room.

Michael says: "Well the 3 kids are gone, out on their own, but the wife is still here and the stupid dog and the computer and email so I will write on, to what end I am not sure, but write on I will; still trying to get into the best poetry journals possible, both online and otherwise, and hoping to publish a real book of poems, called A Superlative Woman, about my superlative wife, one of these days."



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