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View the rest of the poems from J.D. Nelson in the December 2005 edition:

I've been turning into a reptile all day
by J.D. Nelson

Like that green one on the rock, I'm looking at things
with slow lonely eyes. I stop to lick my lips and I
blink. This is the first page in a new book of stamps.
I don't need to hear the music anymore -- fill my
auditory canals with clear epoxy and shut me off, once
and for all. I was wandering around the hardware
super-center when I saw a birdfeeder made of leather.
What kind of world is this, Joe? Number one-eleven,
the exact opposite of daylight in this or any

That's what the guy at the dealership said.

He eats his steak and eggs every morning.

J. D. Nelson's bizarre and experimental poetry has appeared in many print and online publications, including The Best of The Dream People Poets chapbook. He lives in Colorado. Visit J. D.'s website.



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