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Ben Eller is currently employed as a drone at a book distribution warehouse. Most of his literary inspiration comes from loading thousands of books into small green totes. He majored in English at Middle Tennessee State University and has spent the last few years co writing songs with local musicians, some of which appeared on two albums by “Janie Grey”, rock band extraordinaire.

View the rest of the poems from Ben Eller in the August 2005 edition:

Bovine Pollock
by Ben Eller

He painted pictures of cows
and even wrote "Cow" beneath each masterpiece
so that people would know
in case the image escaped them.

He found a community of cow painters
and was elated.
Now he could share his paintings with a circle
of artists that held this same vision.

They loved his work.
Falling over themselves they breathlessly
praised his cows as true to the essence of cowness.
He knew that this was his calling.

With pride and significance he lofted his work
up under his arm and set out
toward the local gallery.
His cows must be placed on the world's stage.

The woman at the counter was surprised by his brash nature,
but because of his confidence she agreed to have a look.
After viewing the paintings she asked
have you ever even seen a cow?

She showed him the gallery,
and there he saw the masterpieces .Cow after cow,
all that bovine glory,
perfect representations in exquisite ,painful depth.

He took his paintings and walked home slowly,
trying to understand where he had gone wrong,
trying to apprehend what it was exactly
that he was depicting.

He found himself in the midst of his community,
wanting to ask his fellow artists
what they found so inspiring in his bovine drawings.
But before he could speak

He noticed that they were all hanging canvases
of weird scribbles and odd lines.
They were displaying these random doodles
each with the word "cow" proudly written beneath.

Without a word he returned to his studio
Placed his paintings in the fireplace
struck a match,
and began painting cows again.


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