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From the Editor (July 2005)
by Michael Haislip

An open letter to the guy who writes Will & Grace/Star Trek crossover fan fiction

Dear Sir:

As an author myself, I applaud your efforts to add to the voluminous literary output of mankind. However, I must take issue with your ill-advised blending of the Will & Grace and Star Trek universes. I have three complaints.

1. Time travel issues

Though time travel is theoretically possible, I question your assumption that it would cause Dr. McCoy to become bisexual. In one of your stories, McCoy travels back to our century, and the good doctor seduces both Will and Grace. Unfortunately, I felt it impossible to suspend my disbelief.

2. Continuity errors

In part one of your “Where No Man Has Gone Before” trilogy, the Enterprise crew finds Will in suspended animation. After he is revived, you describe him as wearing a red Speedo. However, in part two, Kirk notes in his log that Will wore a blue Speedo when he was revived. Which is it?

3. Vomit factor

The whole concept just makes me nauseous.

To summarize, please never write again, you sick bastard. Thank you.

Michael Haislip

Michael Haislip is the editor of AntiMuse. For 6 years, he published the cult favorite American Assassin magazine, churning out almost 1000 pages of commentary and humor in that span. In his spare time, Michael is a freelance writer and musician. He also wishes it known that he has the longest biography out of all the staff writers.


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