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Jason Kelly Richards was born in Kentucky raised in North Carolina and currently planning his escape from Florida.

View the rest of the poems from Jason Kelly Richards in the June 2005 edition:

Big Picture
by Jason Kelly Richards

She quoted the good book
And constantly reminded us
Young people need religion
And roots so they don’t wind up
Like that no’count Charlie Wilkerson
Who lies down with strangers
And talks to himself
When he drinks in the dark.

She said the Lord would provide
And protect all who believe
And keep the soles
Of their shoes
In one place.

She was found face down behind the counter
We were instructed to stay outside because it was
“Not a sight for children”
The perpetrator got forty-seven dollars
Two cartons of Salems
And later a light sentence
Because he was barely seventeen.

The day they gave her to Jesus
I stole a bottle of beer
And sat under the overpass
Staring at the white lines
As I choked it down.

First published in The Chiron Review



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