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Poet r.thomas resides where ever he hangs his hat. His first chapbook is scheduled to be published later this year by AntiMuse Press.

View the rest of the poems from r.thomas in the February 2005 edition:

misunderstanding room only
by r.thomas

i'm strokin tha vision
   ov princess
         shifting Wendi's pallet

can't help see
           molded n Panama City cotton

as i begin to understand
            how Nicholas Cage adapted

i'm jerked to tha memry
        Meek walkin by
                from behind
feeling her left loin graze my shoulder
        (i noticed a slight move into)

my study diverted from
straight shot ov vodka
         blu jean perfection
               (shorts i could fathom
                             as handcuffs)

And as her lithe little fingers
        embraced Marlboro lights
              [and a lighter]
she looked like she knew
         like she
               shared my desire
to feel nothing more
          than my Being
                inside her
i cum to tha thought
          ov a night in a cage
when i busted my knuckles
           Mrs. Taken for Love,
she spared me tha guilt ov my

           i devoured
                     her Birthevening cake
providing tha flour
                     another ta bake
(sending me bleeding
                    to Mary)

i'm off to that dream
              ov red satin straddle

sheets soaked in saddle oil
breath not a matter

(tha ripening scent is her own!)


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