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Missouri Blues
by J.D. Hallmark

8 hour drive thru Mexico
    found us chomping
    dime store dogs
        ‘round midnight
First/Last meal of a lifetime

Stale bread is best
    after dodging roadblock
But Mexico is nothing like I expected

Finally reaching Columbia
       with a thirst no
       liquor could quench
                 quickly enough
We got stoned on Southern Hospitality ...

In a comatose state
      Visions of Einstein, John Adams,
              and the mayor of Munchkin Lans
Spoke eulogies to me
And I knew the truth
       to the mythology

Jesse James never died
He lives in Missouri still
Drives a Camaro
He’s waiting on the gang
      ‘Cause the trains never looked so good.

J.D. Hallmark is the associate editor of AntiMuse. He resides in Tennessee and is currently pursuing a degree in education.






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