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envy the danger
by b.f. bobb tha thom

cos i
envy tha
you faced

coast ov Egypt

       to harness
      dry rising

      to no

i am perfect as a
whole. in detail
             i Am

awful green.
            i long for
        nights you
    pieced together
       Muslim women
           bowing to the East
              praying Western fucks
                 as natural
                   as pubic hair
                         and blu blood
                    clogging up tha

       fatal but rare
       thank no one
                that has come
                               a swarm
       ov sand and splinter
                      stacked in random
                      Order to achieve
                      No Thing

cos i hav
No Where
                to go

Poet b.f. bobb tha thom has frequent identity crises. He makes his home wherever he hangs his hat.


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