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Craig’s recent works have appeared in journals on and offline including Slow Trains, Subterranean Quarterly, 3 AM Magazine, and Coffee House Poetry. His poem ‘After Dinner’ was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. He works as a consultant on the east coast but considers himself a hobo of the universe. He writes about what he knows best and yet least - himself - in an effort to remove those labels.

View the rest of the poems from Craig Kirchner in the January 2005 edition:


by Craig Kirchner

Sparrows gathered on the veranda,
we eavesdropped on nearby lovers,
hand fed one another tapas,
swigged lewd licks on Czech beer.

Under the table you hiked your skirt,
opened your thighs around my knee,
animated codes with delicate hands,
laughed about our first time.

Surrounded by leg, birds,
and curious voyeurs
wanting to share your smile,
hungry to stay young, touched,
needing a subtle strangeness
with an afternoon break.

[previosly appeared in 'Subterranean Quarterly']


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