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Michael Simons is an undergraduate student studying English at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He is a unrelenting supporter of the legalization of Bull Fighting in the United States, and the establishment of a post futuristic literary genre. Besides writing poetry, Michael has written multiple plays and has a weekly comic strip in The Mass Media.

View the rest of the poems from Michael Simons in the October 2004 edition:


My good friend Walt Whitman
by Michael Simons

Sitting in the back of a Honda Civic
With Whitman by my side
Telling me that this trip is a waste of time
"Why are we going?"
He said to me.
He told me that everything beautiful is in front of me
and that seeing mountains are no greater
than an embrace by your brother.
He told me that the air in Boston
has its own beautiful flavor to it.

I thought about it for a while

and threw him out of the car window.


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