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Declaration of Sovereignty
by Jonas Micah

I, as a human-being with no authority higher or lower than any other, now make declaration to the world. I declare that all of humankind is endowed with a host of inalienable rights. Rights which are ours by virtue of our very existence and self-awareness, and which can not be suspended or revoked by any act or supposed law.

These inherent rights, which hold value nearly equal to life itself, are being trampled upon and disregarded by the very governing bodies our ancestors created to serve us. Rather than take up arms against such governing bodies, which still retain the support of many, I choose to lessen their power by removing myself and my support from their ranks. Henceforth, I will no longer recognize the claims of authority made by the governments of the world. I withdraw my consent for their existence, and declare myself to be a self-governed individual.

I consider the following truths to be self-evident, and declare their infringement to be intolerable.

The right of sovereignty: Every human-being is inherently sovereign. Regardless of gender, race or manner of life-style, no person should be ruled over by another. When we are born, our parents must care for us and make decisions in our stead, but once we are wise enough to know the meaning of our sovereignty and to accept our responsibilities as a free individual, we will no longer be subject to them or any other. This age of acceptance differs for every person, and should never be standardized. For the individual alone is responsible for claiming sovereignty.

The right of free-movement: No human-being should ever be caged or restrained against their will for a lengthy time. And neither shall their movements through the land be restricted, except in deference to the personal domain of another.

The right of freedom from coercion: No person's decisions or manner of living should ever be forcibly altered by means of blackmail, deprivation, threat, or direct force. For to engage in such activities, would be an affront to the sovereignty of the one affected. The only exception to this, is when the behavior of an individual becomes a clear and undeniable infringement upon the rights of another, in which case the affected person has the right to exercise self-protection.

The right of equality: All memberships, associations and partnerships should be of an equal and voluntary nature. For to create associations which are unequal or coercive, is to infringe upon the sovereignty of those involved. And any such unequal partnerships which are found to exist, will be considered null and void by virtue of their infringement upon basic human rights.

The right of abstainment: No person shall be bound by any law which they have neither helped to enact, nor given their consent for. A true law of society is one which is enacted by the full consent of all those it is meant to affect, and applies solely to that group. Any so-called laws which fail to meet this humanitarian criteria, will be summarily ignored and considered false.

The right of personal domain: An individual's personal domain should at all times be respected and free from undesired interference, whether it be his home, possessions or private business, but land itself is never truly owned by any person or group. All claims regarding ownership, taxation and jurisdiction of land are considered to be absurd, as well as null and void, as the land belongs to all people equally.

The right of self-protection: Every individual, being of a sovereign nature, possesses the intrinsic right to protect their life, family and freedom by any means they deem necessary.

On this day, I hereby declare my personal sovereignty and my voluntary secession from all associations with governments and ruling bodies. I signify this act by burning the brands of membership received through those associations, and by declaring my rights as a sovereign human-being. Henceforth, I will be ruled by none, and I will rule no other as well. I now stand as an independent entity upon the Earth, and encourage my fellows of humanity to do the same.

Jonas Micah is a 26 year old writer who spends entirely too much time working in Broadband Technical Support. But hey, that's what you do when the scribbles don't pay the bills, right? He is a highschool drop-out, an Army wash-out, and a fool who strives to be less foolish with each passing day.


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