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Poet R. Thomas resides in too many locations to keep up with. In addition to regularly contributing to AntiMuse, he is also the mastermind behind the Burn Your Brand campaign.

View the rest of the poems from R. Thomas in the August 2004 edition:


On Fume: Part 3
by R. Thomas


she once Again alerts
          tha Major channels

ov a special-powder VooDoo

syndicated forums bow
          retracting roofs
               And batting Aisles
      “Cum fill me Out, You Savage Queen, Who
Has Restored Crusade In Honor.”

they come to terms Restricting Public Access
to amenities and luxures such as

Oxygen and Innovative Thought.


swollen view:
     tha feeling Answered lies
     before the urge to Question
                      a likely Victim
in the oddity ov Process-Driven Mind.


Harm lest ye...
               find Peace A Profit’s Threat

Instigate. Propel.
                    Masses dull.

Release and Blessing

      oversexed And educated pints ov Golden
Hell –
           Anal blood.
                   Anger Trap! Be
     Any thwarted specialist
     Any claiming collars
                gracing Necks
                          w/ limits
Keep those Apples fighting clasp. Bend Under
Over Rule (she SHACKLES!)


tense climax... A cool

          but doubt breeds shame breeds idle!
progress idled!
                Back on
                     tha Wagon!

steps to Fathom

palace drive in
          Diamond – coarse

precious metal fades
          As fierce Greed gobbles Luster

forget the Instant Party-Track

           An infantile disaster

Word from Bureaus Hurting

     for a reason to imbibe
              Lick her
                   soured Life
expression – sweet in spit
      or swallowed
tongue (An Actual Remorse for Molding
Images ov Angels Wearing Articles ov
Human Indignation) – (Signs ov Comprehension,
though a Flash ov Brilliance teased a many
scholar [can be taught] in North Chicago
Harbor...prior to tha Strikes)


candid vermin scurry
   to befoul 5th Avenue!

hold your Greasy Rectums open
   over Valiant’s Enterprise!

Broadcast to A Numb Entire Creature
    poll date – NOW
        Rank In due Disgust – Now Break
Into Discussion
                ‘mong tha Refugees ov Brother
Buy, the Energies ov Tax, --- tha Balancees,
tha Balancers, tha Weight, tha Pull, tha Lax.

          incubate like heats you r
          you Vessels sailing Warm,

          the eggs ov Altered Options
          prove there never was A norm

          involving Relativity


dry sentimental suit
stand sell-out to
           tha children [grown]
                 ov Hands
                  you begged: Be Gentle!
firsts! And sloppy seconds go
to Daddy’s spit-n-image


hold a loving phrase above a dotted line
to lure tha lonely generation gaps into a
briefcase growing thinner as resources
search for deeper pockets, thinkin all tha
while about tha wine and roses melodies
that seem to sing along to self-romantic
sessions in tha shower –
              Is it Wrong
          to use what power
      has discovering an automatic
    pleasure-fueled dynamic
                Doesn’t hav ta be
    a duPlicated system?


valet parking Motions to Regret ov Inner-Ear
Inflammatory Fame
      [ his Somethin’ Fancy-Foreign
comes to a halt on tha face
      ov a New York Democrat]

before his tip
      could tell
           Las Vegas

that they
      Might be
            Wasting Wind

shooting Neon pulses High to spaces
harboring reputed Races
           looking down
                on fecund
Traces ov a Universal Woman
           overrun by
                 One Play-Favourite litter.
            had hoped to handle Ego

         experimented substance in

forgot about a Window
       open to a surface

in knowledge sex reflection force

flex her vital ligaments a power over
few a reason found tha fit devising
sidewalk cracks And battle jokes A strange
Attack on Eves...Events. Events...acidic
power Phallus keeps her Mind and body
numb ecstatic – gushing, streaming, seeping
        Milk ov Man’s Seasoning, Harvesting, Out On
A Hunt
        Lordingtha spoils over even
              tha Runts

“yap Among illnesses. yap Among cunts that
        only promise inferior
    to keep our Gay folk busy caring
    And our Mother’s nipples bearing Life


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