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On Fume: Part 2
by R. Thomas


               cease Rejection And
     Or-Gazm tortured reactions to....

     giv All your balls to a Jealous
           And sensitive long
                                      Riot Organism (eunuch’d)

she (that’s supposation) screams shrill Advertisement

to Hungry to Horny to Home w/ tha dog
                    & tha P. Nutty

while Wolfgang rolls w/ laughter

          All ov Austria becomes An Exile
                f or Comic Genius

                (they flood tha Rim
                     w/ parodies) – (you may confuse
                     the Options
                     w/ tha tickle,
                        bruise, And
                          in your innocence
                ov Belly)


under Every known condition
                         hav your junk inject

                   splotches blotches traces crotches
                         yeast – a simple Rise

is The Agenda.


tumble China Girl. Survivor! Walls or casks
ov powder spill tha Made-Up Pure confusion

let your faces in on secrets
            only weak translation

hats off to Iron (hold Me!)

            wire. water-soluble. fiber. unleaded pasture


          on you Olympian Pride ov our simple

relative, burden ov P.opinion
                Ride you.


{flask screw open –
               times, too}


starving Richards
               Henry’s Blame

heads on menus
               plain as Buttered Toast
                    to read

Ignored. A famous poster merges Notice Fear
                                                    Profit Fame

Poet R. Thomas resides in too many locations to keep up with. In addition to regularly contributing to AntiMuse, he is also the mastermind behind the Burn Your Brand campaign.


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