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On Fume: Part 1
by R. Thomas


     you hav god-trust
          but choose
this printset
     pale Master brew

blasting tubes ov wax
           & crystal

on Fume –

          i gate i tend i bid

steer while Beat heats
          copper road-block


Decent Mustache
               (crumb protection joke) im giggle

slave chat: SAVE! bedgame! One call, Hear?
lock click [freedom is a prison fight] like my Voice

All-Out Wrong filth-full And intercepted


O! Arm ov Cushion self blood
how soft i am from you
yet in tomorrow’s quick mud
A rigid stick i prove

O! Method Ov My Mortal Yearn
In struggle see out pride!
Faith has far & more to Learn
And has me for a side


dripping stellar top-off
                    and be deceived

mouth (in head position) tap

          Dance slick cream
                    old slingshot bead

trim! do weed my leather bush
          in time for

inspired California! BAIL

          she holds Dominion
elected Wizard ov Ascension
          (but she chips
                     in saving)


has control has
     control has
               A Fuck in mind for
                    peasant hero 9.1

And who’d hav guessed
     a Hive connection
pop-ups w/ valid promises
     censors detecting
               Conservative Fly-boys

in circles where
          eyes r tha Valve

cover tragedy Truth

Poet R. Thomas resides in too many locations to keep up with. In addition to regularly contributing to AntiMuse, he is also the mastermind behind the Burn Your Brand campaign.


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