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On Trip-Writ
by R. Thomas

trip-writ is writing in trance...vacating the environmental focus grown accustomed to. there are many methods ov tripping...they extend far beyond any impression modern slang might give. no matter how tha trip is induced, it is defined by its course through tha mind....and tha written expression ov what is seen. this is not an entirely new concept—Kerouac, Yeats, Reich....and many other writers (as well as artists) have been advocates ov similar forms ov expression, tha benefits ov which they stand as a testament to.

there are three sections ov tha mind involving trip-writ: mind-back, conscience, and mind-forth. mind-back is tha part ov tha mind that doesn’t give a fuck. it knows ov no reason to hide anything. therefore, tha data stored in tha mind-back is pure, primal, instinctive, open, honest. it is tha treasure chest...tha destination ov tha trip. tha thoughts and emotions found in tha mind-back are the unadulterated reactions to sense, logic, experience...tha human receptors. this state ov purity is due to tha fact that mind-back material has yet to travel through tha mental filter...tha conscience.

tha conscience is tha figurative space between tha mind-back and tha mind-forth. as data passes from back to forth, tha conscience serves as a filter. equipped with ethics, guidelines, memories, knowledge, etc...tha conscience is able to water down tha strong, overbearing blare blasting forth from within tha mind-back. trip (or trance) alters tha conscience-filter...often disabling it. tha degree to which tha filter is altered determines how much ov the original thought arrives in mind-forth...and how it is expressed. degree itself is determined by how tha trip is induced and to what level this induction was carried out. experimenting with different levels/degrees can produce an ultimately diverse range ov thought to arrive in mind-forth.

mind-forth is the area in which thought awaits exposure. stemming from mind-forth are direct express routes to tha vocal cords, tha fingers, tha feet...even loop-arounds back to tha mind for some fucked up thought-circles (insomnia). this area is not much more than a place where prospective expressive thoughts can meet and mingle one last time before entering into tha real world, so ta speak.

in some cases, tha trip can completely by-pass both mind-forth and conscience-filter....or a variation ov either. tha mind-back is the only crucial part ov tha trip. pack up some pot, burn some incense, hum, jack-off....whatever finds you in trance...whatever sends you on a trip through! be sure to visit mind-back...go directly there if possible. leak onto tha world your finds.

Poet R. Thomas resides in too many locations to keep up with. In addition to regularly contributing to AntiMuse, he is also the mastermind behind the Burn Your Brand campaign.


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