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Review: The Fabric of the Cosmos
by Michael Haislip


The Fabric of the Cosmos

byBrian Greene

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Let me start with a disclaimer: if words such as “quantum,” “physics,” or “cosmological constant” make you cringe, then The Fabric of the Cosmos is not for you. If you do not have a fascination with the unseen forces around you, this book is not for you.

That said, Fabric is the sophomore effort from physicist Brian Greene. While browsing through the press kit I received, I noticed Greene slightly resembled David Duchovny, with the same wry smile and boyish good looks. Who can resist David Duchovny?

OK, so if you enjoy layman physics books written by David Duchovny stand-ins, then this is the book for you.

Most of the book is a basic rehash of modern cosmology and quantum physics, with some nifty chapters thrown in about time travel (closed time-like loops, for those in the know) and wormholes. A few of the revelations:

  • past, present and future all exist simultaneously (time doesn’t flow)

  • there are more than the 4 standard dimensions of length, height, width and time (probably 11)

  • everything, atoms included, is made from vibrating strings of energy

Greene masterfully paints grand cosmic images with simple metaphors. Huge ideas are elegantly reduced to everyday objects and situations. That he can craft such vivid imagery and still operate in the realm of science is a testament to his storytelling.

Michael Haislip is the editor of AntiMuse.


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