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Why I Played Peter Pan In Junior High Drama
by Carolyn Polinsky

The girls who have boyfriends
they talk to on the phone all evening
the girls who wear mascara
and chocolate-raspberry lip gloss

the girls who carry huge leather purses
that hold the cigarettes they smoke
in the back of the locker room before gym class

the first girls to discover body suits
and baggy jeans
they snap blueberry bubblegum
and mix diet coke and rum

the girls who pierce
their own bellybuttons
and dance likethis at school dances
while the rest of us wipe at fruit punch mustaches

these girls have bangs sprayed three inches high
and long curly hair
created by spriral perms

I got that procedure too
so I could be like these girls who are
applying ey-liner
singing Madonna
shouting at teachers
teasing the soccer players
updating each other on "Days"
tugging at their shorts
hugging each other
whispering about each other
laughing by their lockers
glaring at the crowds

before homeroom begins, as I walk down the hall
wearing a plaid blue and green hand-knit winter hat
my mother forced over my new frizzy curls--
the hat which I suddenly don't want to take off

Carolyn Polinsky hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and recently graduated with a degree in Dramatic Literature from George Washington University. She has labored at D.C. think tanks and her current creative pursuit is trying to craft a marketable resume.



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