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Poet J.D. Hallmark resides in Tennessee.

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Songs of a Merry Death
by J.D. Hallmark

I feel too awkward
I think
     I feel too much

The song starts
     to play

I make an ass
     of myself
Trying to go
     to far

No reason
     to run
          the race
               so fast
It’s easy to lose

But the song’s
     in my head

Push on harder
Damn the torpedoes
I think I’m sinking

But the song
     keeps getting

Blaze the trail
Keep looking son
The treasure’s
     getting closer
Be it a diamond
     in the rough
          or fool’s gold
It’s only a hill away

The song drives me on

I think
I’ve been and idiot
I’m lost
The lights are off
All my matches
     are wet

I can only hear
     the song

Lost in the sand
I write this message
     because of the

I know the song
     will never end.


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