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Review: Wil Wheaton's Dancing Barefoot
by Michael Haislip


Dancing Barefoot

by Wil Wheaton

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The best part about Wil Wheaton’s character on Star Trek: The Next Generation was his mother, Beverly Crusher. Clearly, Dr. Crusher was much better looking than the fanboy favorite Counselor Troi. Let’s compare, shall we?

Beverly Crusher
Feisty redhead who likes to play doctor

Deanna Troi
Cold-hearted space slut who sleeps with Worf. Eww.

Yes, I am a dork. Now, on with the review.

Dancing Barefoot, Wheaton’s freshman effort, is a semi-spinoff of his popular website (what the kiddies like to call a “blog”--how cute). Mainly a collection of vignettes from Wheaton’s life, Dancing Barefoot reads like a sci-fi geek’s diary, without the existential angst. Sentimental at times but always entertaining, Wheaton combines a simplistic writing style with masterful story telling. The end result is feeling that you know Wil personally. You feel as if you’ve seen through his eyes.

The Saga of SpongeBob VegasPants, the longest and most interesting story from the collection, contains the one element that makes a good story – William Shatner. I mean, William Shatner is the key to great literature, right? At least, that’s what they told me at the William Shatner Writer’s Workshop. Why would Shatner lie to me?

Damn you William Shatner! Damn you for shattering my precious illusions!

Michael Haislip is the editor of AntiMuse.


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