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From the Editor ... (April 2004)
by Michael Haislip

I’m giggling like a flirtatious schoolgirl as we launch this, our third issue. Despite a number of calamities, drunken bar brawls and federal indictments, we present another hastily assembled edition, thrown together at the last minute to give it that hot-off-the-presses feel.

Let me fill you in on some behind-the-scenes action here at AntiMuse HQ. I’ve spent much of my editing time searching for revenue streams. Of course, we need money to operate and we need even more money to expand. Logically, I thought joining an advertising network would provide some extra funds to purchase more content and generally improve the site. In case you didn’t know, an ad network pays you money for displaying their banner ads.

I first contacted a company called Burst! Media, who represent quite a few smaller websites. With our dedicated readership and unique content, I figured we’d be a good fit. They thought otherwise, and replied:

"Thank you for your application to join the BURST! Media network. We regret to inform you that after our review, we have rejected your request for membership.It is our opinion that our sales efforts simply are not a good match for the content you provide. We are not passing judgment, only relying on our years of experience as to what works for BURST! and what does not."

I interpret that to mean our content is too unique to be classified, packaged and sold to corporate America. While the artistic side of me said “Hell yeah,” the business side of me said, “Dear God, the end is nigh.” Then I bought my business side a six-pack of Sam Adams and he calmed down.

I’m not one to give up so easily, and I contacted FastClick, another ad company. Their response:

"We have reviewed AntiMuse and regretfully cannot accept it for inclusion in our ad network at this time. Possible reasons for our decision may include: site may contain or link to adult material."

Adult material? What is this adult material to which they refer? It’s not as if we have a section called “Hot Naked Girls of AntiMuse.” We might have a couple of scattered drug references. Surely, they were not referring to the classic 16th century painting of Thalia, Muse of Comedy, that appeared in our March edition. If that’s what they consider adult material ... oh man. If Puritanism were a publicly traded company, its share price would be written in scientific notation.

This is the plight of the independent publisher. What you read now is a labor of love. Our contributors do not write for monetary gain. Instead, they want an audience. As a reader, the best way to support our writers is to simply e-mail them and let them know you’ve appreciated their work. If the author has a website, visit it. If the author has a book for sale, purchase it. With these small gestures, you can encourage a writer to keep producing quality material.

Of course, if you’re ever in Tennessee, you can buy me a Sam Adams. Editors need encouragement, too.

Michael Haislip is the editor of AntiMuse.




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