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Poet J.D. Hallmark resides in Tennessee.

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Reflections on Pissin Blood
by J.D. Hallmark

It’s funny
how life cycles
Round and Round
And so on

I’m alone
     more and more
You always knew
     that was my
     biggest fear

I try to maintain
     as I knew it
But it’s different
Corpse like

So I sat up
     another green light
A makeshift
     Inspiration Room
But no inspiration comes
Seems contrived

And I take out
     those Beat books
     and read’em often
     hoping to spark a fire
Burn myself up
But the embers
     are cooling

So I crack jokes
Do a routine
Search for satisfaction
     as a clown

And I think
      how you are gone
And you are gone
And you and you
And the ones of us that
     are left aren’t the same
Because things are sane
Sanity never looked well
     on us

So I pour a drink
Drink alone
Smoke alone
Read lame poems
And it scares me
Will I die alone

The signs are starting
      to show
Blood flows
And its terrifying
And they tell me
     I look old
     for my age

So I laugh
Say I’d have it
     no other way

But that’s a lie
You always knew
     it so

But you gotta
     roll with the punches
Time heals all
What shitty cliches

So have a drink
A little self defense
     in liquid form
Smoke’m if you got’em

And I’ll end
     this fuckin


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