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Poet and author Monique Choy resides in Cockatoo, near Melbourne, Australia. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in various Australian publications, including the Perfect Diary 2004, the writing anthology Fibs & Fallen Angels, Voiceworks, Eddie Magazine and in performance on ABC radio, the national writing programme Radio Nag, and at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

View the rest of the poems from Monique Choy in the March 2004 edition:


by Monique Choy

A few lives
before reaching enlightenment
Buddha was Prince Fiveweapons
pumped with hot chilli bully juice

he growled at danger,
pulled monsters’ tails
and carried a lightning bolt within his heart

In later eons
he mellowed right out
becoming, in fact,
quite famous for it.
In other words, you don’t have to do everything at once.


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