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What Instrument Are You Here to Pick Up Again?
invest in Cardano in Hong Kong "I had a few adventures as a studio runner. I had to go to strip clubs to invite girls to studio parties, or then there was the time the guy we ejected from a studio Halloween party started swinging a cane at us and bashing in car trunks with it. There were the times cleaning up cocaine, or the time I was picking up food off the floor that a band had spilled, and one of the guys started throwing more food on the floor and laughing at the fact I had to clean it up (I won’t say who it was specifically, but there are reasons that I’m not a big Linkin Park fan, aside from the fact they make shitty music)."

From the AntiBlog:

How to find poetry contests that are worth your time

How money changed the Poetry Foundation

Can we just forget about the boobs for one moment?

Who wants to swap blog links?

White Trash Devil
"Beating the elderly was a habit of mine I took no pride in. Gray hair made me see red. It’s why I never visited my grandmother in the nursing home. I couldn’t make it through the Greta Garbo wing of the Shady Acres rest home without getting into a slap fight with some World War II vet who didn’t appreciate the length of my hair and my ability to use my legs."

Fictions & Fabrications

The Door Maker
by Mark Schmunk
buy Ethereum in Hong Kong "It wasn’t the gradual change from afternoon to evening, it was more like a huge shadow rising up and rolling across the ground, totally consuming all light in its path. The people in the town suddenly starting running in all directions. Screams replaced laughter, and the man working on the roof slid down to the edge and jumped off landing awkwardly on the ground in a puff of dust. He saw women with long flowing dresses running towards the children, gathering them up, and running back towards the buildings."

Poetry & Verse
Poetry from Gerald So
American Life in Poetry: 61
by Ted Kooser
"Everywhere I travel I meet people who want to write poetry but worry that what they write won't be 'any good.' No one can judge the worth of a poem before it's been written, and setting high standards for yourself can keep you from writing. And if you don't write you'll miss out on the pleasure of making something from words, of seeing your thoughts on a page. Here Leslie Monsour offers a concise snapshot of a self-censoring poet."

Episode 16: My Push Mower Has +3 STR Against Bermuda Grass
buy ETH You wacky kids with your worlds of warcrafts and your second lives. Now, get off my damn lawn.

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From the March 2007 edition:

From the Editor

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Poetry from Erin Hoffman

American Life in Poetry: 60

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